Gymnastics/ Ninja Tuition

  • MONTHLY CONTINUOUS ENROLLMENT: Payments are made monthly and you don't have to worry about your spot being taken. You are guaranteed your spot all year long.*

  • Our monthly tuition payments are based on an average of four classes per month. No additional charge is assessed for months that offer five classes. In months where holidays, gym closings, snow days, etc. affect the schedule of classes, no tuition is reduced. If you should receive five classes during the month instead of four it will be considered a makeup for classes missed while we are closed for holidays, gym closings, snow days, etc.

We offer continuous enrollment so you can join a class at anytime as long as there are open spots in the class. We will pro rate the tuition accordingly.

  • Tuition is not prorated for absences. Please see the class Make-Up Policies.


  • Payments for classes are due at the time of Registration . This enables us to keep a more accurate count of how many students are enrolled for each class without overbooking classes


*Spot guaranteed as long as you don't withdraw and fees are up to date. See the Withdrawal policy below for more information.


** Each family is required to have a credit/ debit card on file for payments.

Tuition is paid monthly: Tuition is due on the 1st of each month for that month.

Options for making payments BEFORE the 1st of each month:
If payment is made prior to the 1st of the month by one of the options listed below then no fees will be charged to your credit/ debit card on file.

  1. Payments may be made in person with cash.
  2. Payments may be made with a personal check. Please make your check payable to Power in Motion and please note the student's name, class, day and the time on the memo portion of your check. A $25 fee will be assessed on all returned checks.
  3. Payments may be made with VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.
  4. You may mail payments to: Power in Motion Gymnastics, Dance, & Cheer, 3889 M-139, St. Joseph, MI 49085
  5. Remember, any remaining balances on the 1st of the month will be charged to your credit/ debit card on file. This is done automatically so you will not have to worry about losing your child's /(ren's) spot in class.

If there are changes to your credit/debit card the new information must be received by the 20th of the month. If your payment doesn't go through for any reason you will be charged a $10.00 decline fee. If delinquent tuition is not paid before your child(ren)s first class of the month, your child(ren) will be tagged inactive by the computer, will be un-enrolled, and children on the waiting list will be called. Once we have received a bad check, all future tuition must be paid with cash or credit/debit card.

We do not offer credit and/or refunds for missed/ cancelled classes due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather or any other reason. Power In Motion does not issue refunds. All sales are final for any product and/or service purchased and/or provided by Power In Motion.

The fees listed below are monthly fees for 1 class per week.*

40 min class $66
50 min class $73
1 hr class $82
1 hr 25 min class $103
20% Multi Class Discount
* This does not include the Annual Registration Fee.

This fee is $30 for the first child, $20 for second child or a $50 maximum per family. Registration is due at the time of intial enrollment and renewed annually each year thereafter. This fee covers administrative cost which include registering and maintaining family records. This registration fee applies to ALL programs at Power in Motion.

We offer a generous discount for multiple classes for one child and multiple children from one family. There is a 10% Discount for each additional member of the immediate family calculated on the lower priced class(es) for all programs at Power in Motion! This does not include private lessons.


You MUST contact the office before your child's scheduled class to inform them of your child not attending to receive a make-up class.

  • Make-ups are allowed when the requested class size permits.
  • You must pre-register for make-up classes through the office.
  • Make-up classes do not transfer to future months.
  • We will not offer make-up classes for missed make-up classes.
  • No credits or refunds will be given for classes not made up.

(Recreational Classes Only*)

If you need to become inactive in the program, a Withdrawal Form (link below), MUST BE filled out/ received by the 20th of the month prior to withdrawal. WE DO NOT ACCEPT WITHDRAWALS OVER THE PHONE. WE MUST RECEIVE A PHYSICAL COPY AT THE FRONT DESK OR ONLINE FORM SUBMISSION of the Withdrawal Form.

Select the Withdrawal form button below to fill out our online withdrawal form. We also have copies available at the front desk.



Please Note:
UNLESS WE RECEIVE PROPER NOTICE, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE NEXT MONTH’S BILLING TUITION. If your child does not attend classes for 2 consecutive months and PIM has not received a withdrawal form or communication that you would like to stay enrolled; your child WILL be dropped from class. There is no credits and/or refunds for missed classes.

** By signing your child(ren) up for classes at Power in Motion you agree to the above payment policy.**
Schedule subject to change based on availability. Please call ahead to assure that your class is available. The minimum class size is 3 children and we reserve the right to cancel any class that does not meet the minimum number of children. You are more than welcome to join a class at anytime as long as there are available spots in the class. We will prorate the tuition accordingly.