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Beginner Gymnastics Clinic (Ages 6 and up) - $45
Students that want to learn and practice beginner gymnastics skills will benefit from this camp. Along with focusing on all four events & trampoline skills, this camp will incorporate plenty of gymnastics themed games. No prior gymnastics experience required.

Int./Adv. Gymnastics Clinic (Ages 6 and up) - $45
This camp is for gymnasts that are past the Beginner I & II levels and are ready to work harder skills on all the gymnastics events and trampoline. Students must have a pullover, back-hip circle, handstand and back walkover.

Kick Over Clinic (Ages 6 and up) - $35
This camp is designed for students wanting to work on their kickover and back walkovers. Students will work on the spring floor, tumbl trak, and the trampoline throughout the week.

Back Handspring Clinic (Ages 6 and up) - $35
This camp is designed for students that already have a back walkover and are ready to work on their back handspring. Running tumbling, standing tumbling, and trampoline

All Star Cheer Clinics (Ages 3 and up) - $20 - $45
This camp is designed for cheerleaders of all ages who are interested in all star cheerleading. Students will work on jumps, stunts, tumbling, and dance. No experience is necessary.


Lil' Dancers (Ages 5 to 7)

Wild About Dance Clinic - $35

If your child is wild about animals and loves to dance then this is the camp for them. This camp is designed for students who want to learn the basics of hip hop and jazz dance.

Dance Clinic (Ages 6 and up)
*For dancers in Level 3 or higher.

Leaps, Turns, & Tricks Dance Clinic - $45
This camp is designed for our current dancers who have experience or who are in Level 3 or higher. In this camp we will work on perfecting turns and leaps while giving those students who are ready for more difficult skills to work on. Skills such as chainés, pirouttés, grand jeté, straddle leaps and more. (Prerequisite: Dance experience needed, Level 3 and up.)

Ninja Clinic (Ages 6 and up) - $45
This camp is for boys and girls who want to embrace their ultimate ninja skills. Camp includes building strength, balance, and coordination skills. Alongside it also includes using our brand new NINJA OBSTACLE COURSE to put their newfound ninja skills to the test.

Tiny/ Lil' Ninja Clinic (Ages 3* - 5) - $20
This camp is designed to teach strength and agility through different obstacle courses, drills, vaults, and tumbling. The kids will design a headband on the first day of camp and will receive it on the last day as a reward for all their hard work.

To register your child for any camp, complete the Registration Form by clicking on ENROLL next to the camp and week you are interested in. After you register for camp we will call to confirm your registration and take care of the full payment at that time. You do not pay the annual registration fee when you sign-up for camps.

CAMP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE - Register a child for more than one week long camp.
Get 20% off for each additional camp. 10% multiple child discount.

Full payment is due at the time of registration to retain your child’s place in camp. If needed refunds will be given less a $50.00 non-refundable fee for each week of camp. If you are interested in transferring weeks it will depend on availability.


* Child must be potty trained

For more information, contact the Front Desk at 429-5100.