Dancing and Flipping Through the Decades - Recital 2019

May 17th, 18th & 19th

We are very excited about our 3rd Annual Recital and think it's a great opportunity for your child to show off what they have been working on throughout the year. Not only will you see your child perform, you will also have a chance to see all the different classes and enjoy everything Power in Motion has to offer.

The recital will take place here at Power in Motion Gymnastics, Dance, and Cheer. We move equipment and set up seats inside the main gym for you! There will be six shows to accommodate seating for students, parents, friends and families. Your child will be assigned a day and time. Unfortunately, these days and times are not flexible as classes will be practicing their own routine on their practice day/time. Classes might combine if there is not enough participation, but practices will still happen during your child's regular gymnastics or dance classes.

If your child takes more than one class, you are welcome to do both classes, or you may just choose one. If your child chooses to do both dance and gymnastics, both commitment forms will need to be turned in.

We look forward to Dancing and Flipping Through the Decades!

Contents of Recital packet:

Contents and Timeline
  Part 1: Dress Code
  Part 2: Student Check In and Check Out
  Part 3: Attendance
  Part 4: Make ups/Move ups
  Part 5: Pre-Order Flower Sales
  Part 6: Included Tickets
  Part 7: Purchasing Additional Tickets
  Part 8: Pictures/Photo Release Agreement
  Part 9: Commitment Form and Commitment
  Additional Recital Information
  Recital Classes and Show Dates
  Attached Commitment Form(s)

February 4th -Recital packets passed out and emailed to all families
-Pre-order Ticket Sales start

March 9th -Commitment Forms and Non-Refundable Commitment Fee Due

March 11th -Routines will be started in classes on this date
-Pre-Order Flower Sales start

March 18th -Recital times assigned and released to parents

April 13th -Pre-Order Flower Sales END

April 15th -Tickets available for pick up from front desk

Friday, May 17th -Decades Show at 6:00pm

Saturday, May 18th -Decades Shows at 1:00pm, 3:30pm, and 6:00pm

Sunday, May 19th -Decades Shows at 2:00pm (Dance) and 4:00pm

Each gymnast will receive a recital t-shirt to wear during the recital. You will designate your child's size on the Gymnast Commitment Sheet attached to the back of this packet.
Please have your gymnast come in a leotard or tank top, and shorts or leggings; they will be given their recital t-shirt upon arrival to wear for the show. Boys may wear a t-shirt and shorts and can switch into their recital t-shirt once they arrive.

Each dancer will receive either part of a costume (i.e. tutu, top, skirt, etc) or a whole costume that is purchased with the costume fee. They will wear this costume for the recital and then it will be theirs to keep. Class size and available sizes will determine if dancer's will receive a full or a partial costume. Your dancer will need to wear tights and their proper shoes to complete the costume. Your dancers will get sized in their dance class and we will size up if we feel it is necessary. If you have any questions about the costumes please talk with your child's dance instructor.

All students must arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime. We will be having ALL students who are participating come in through the Big Shots door. Please take any of your child's belongings with you. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
All students will remain in the preschool gym area or dance area for the entire show. The shows are going to be under one and a half hours, so please have respect for all performers by staying to enjoy the entire show. All of the performers will come out to the main gym area at the end of the show to watch the final performance and will be released to you when the show has concluded.

Please make every effort to have good attendance during the recital preparation. Learning the routines and practicing with all participants is a huge factor in the groups overall performance. Missing classes not only hurts your child, but every child participating in the class. If a problem with your student's class arises, please let the front desk know as soon as possible. If you need to switch classes during the practice of the routines, please be aware that the routine may be different than the one your child has been learning. Please try your best to keep them in the same class once routines are learned to keep them comfortable with their environment.

During the month of May make-ups will NOT be offered. If your child ages up and/or moves up during the month of May, we will wait to move them up until AFTER the recital. This is so they can stay consistent for their class and will not get a different routine in the last couple of weeks prior to the recital day.

Pre-order flower sales start March 11th, and END April 13th. Orders can be placed at the front desk. Cash/Check only for Flower Sales. Flowers are pre-order ONLY this year. Flowers can be picked up on showday in the birthday party room.

  Number of Flowers PRE-ORDER PRICE
Colorful Bouquet 6 different colored flowers $6.00
Bouquet of Three 3 colored flowers $4.00
Individual Flowers 1 flower (you pick color) $1.50

If your child/children choose to participate in the recital you will receive two tickets per family included in the initial commitment fee; these tickets will get you into the shows your children are in (i.e. if you have children in more than one show, you will receive two weekend passes; if you have children in only one show, you will receive two individual day passes). Students who are performing in a show do not need a ticket in order to attend any of the other shows.
An individual day ticket will get you into all shows on a particular day (e.g. you could attend both the Saturday 1pm show and the Saturday 6:30pm show). You will receive this ticket in advance; upon arrival you must present your ticket to our staff who will place a stamp on your hand. If you leave and come back, you can show our staff your stamp and be let back in.
A weekend pass will get you into all shows over the course of the weekend. You will receive this pass in advance; upon arrival you must present this pass to our staff who will give you a wristband. If you leave and come back, or if you come back for a show on a different day, you can show our staff your wristband and be let back in.
Included tickets/passes will be available for pick-up at the front desk starting April 15th, 2019.

Any additional tickets or passes beyond the two received in the initial commitment fee must be purchased in advance.

Pre-order tickets will be available for purchase beginning February 4th until we sell out.

Tickets will be available to pickup at the front desk starting April 15th, 2019.

Individual Day Ticket $8.00
Weekend Pass (wristband upon arrival) $13.00

Throughout each recital show we will have a photographer taking action shots during the performances. These pictures will be available for purchase online through a link which will be shared in an email after the shows.There also will be time at the end of each recital to get an individual picture of your child by the photographer for purchase. Payment is due when your child gets their picture taken. (Cash or Check ONLY).
* The photo release agreement is just in case we do use a picture of your child for advertisement/social media.

The commitment form needs to be filled out so we know how many students will be participating. With that form, if your child chooses to be a part of the recital there is a required non-refundable commitment fee.
The commitment fee includes your two tickets or weekend passes and a t-shirt for each gymnast participating in the recital.
Dancers commitment fee includes your two tickets or weekend passes. Dancers costume fee includes their costume for each dancer participating in the recital. (See Part 1 for details on Dance Costume)
Commitment Form and Commitment Fee need to be turned in by March 9th, 2019.

  Gymnast Commitment Fee
One Child $20.00
Two Children $25.00
Three Children $30.00
Four or more Children $35.00

  Dancer Commitment Fee
Commitment Fee (per family) $15.00**
Required Costume Fee (per dancer) $25.00

If you have more than one dancer participating in the recital, you do not pay more than one commitment fee. You only pay the additional costume fee for each additional child.

** If your child is participating in the recital for both dance and gymnastics, you do not pay both commitment fees. You only pay the dance commitment fee, dance costume fee, and the cost of the t-shirt for gymnastics ($5).

Additional Recital Information
• Seating is on a first come first serve basis and saving seats is not allowed.
• We do have handicapped seats available- please tell us when buying your ticket if you need one of these seats reserved.
• The Gymnastics classes will perform on the blue floor.
• After each show the gym will shut down and everyone must exit the gym.
• We ask that all students stay for their entire show. Our shows are short and sweet and will last about 1 hour.