Programs: Tumbling

Beginner Tumbling - 1 hr 5 min.
This hour and five minute class is for students with no experience in tumbling. This class will learn forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and back bends as well as other skills that introduce tumbling basics. Beginner trampoline skills will also be taught in this level. No instruction on apparatuses (vault, bars, beam, floor).

Class Goals:

Forward rolls
Backwards rolls
Run, Jump, Forward Roll Down Wedge
Handstand Hold 3 sec
Run, Hurdle, Cartwheel
Cartwheel Step In, Rebound
Bridge Kickover off Panel Mat


Intermediate Tumbling - 1 hr 5 min.
This hour and five minute class is for students that have mastered a back bend, handstand, and cartwheel. In this class students will learn round offs, backwalkovers and begin to learn back handsprings and front flips as well as other tumbling skills. Trampoline skills will also be taught.

Class Goals:

Handstand 2 Shoulder Taps
Handstand Forward Roll
Handstand Snap Down- Off Panel Mat
Handstand to Bridge
Front Limber
One Arm Cartwheel
Round Off - Off Panel Mat
Run, Hurdle, Round Off Rebound
Back Walkover
Back Handspring over Boulder
Front Handspring over Boulder
Dive Roll onto Resi

Advanced Tumbling - 1.5 hrs
This hour and a half class is for students who have a back walkover and can do a clean back hanspring over a boulder. We will begin to learn skills that fly through the sky and use no hands, such as aerials. Back handsprings are the main goal of this class and will also be taught on the trampoline in this level. Running tumbling and tumbling into the pit is introduced in this class.

Class Goals:

Handstand ½ Pirouette
Handstand Snap Down off Panel Mat Fly Back to Resi
Front Walkover
Power Hurdle Round Off
Jump to Tuck/Layout on Resi
Front Tuck into Pit off Floor
Front Handspring or Bounder
Back Handspring
Back Handspring Step Out
Round Off Back Handspring on floor
Round Off Rebound onto Resi in Pit
Round Off Back Handspring Rebound into Pit
Round Off Rebound onto Resi iin Pit
Round Off Back Handspring onto Resi in Pit

Elite Tumbling - 1.5 hrs
This hour and a half class is for students who have a standing back handpsring and round-off back handspring. We will work mostly on running tumbling and standing connected tumbling skills. Elite tumbling will also focus on tumbling into the pit when learning new skills.

Class Goals:

Handstand Full Pirouette
Back Walkover, Back Handspring
Back Handspring Series
Standing Back Tuck
Back Handspring Back Tuck
Round- Off Back Tuck
Front Handspring Step Out Entrance
Front Tuck Step Out Entrance
Front Layout
Round Off Back Handspring Back Tuck
Running Back Layout
Running Back Layout with Jump Half Turn
Running Full Twisting Layout