Programs: Dance Classes


Our dance program will be moving from monthly enrollment to a five month session enrollment. The dance season is from September through June and there will be two sessions throughout that time. September to January and February to June. Signing up for a session means your child is committing to five months of attendance for classes.

We have decided to switch to sessions for all dance classes because of the group learning environment. It will benefit all of the dancers learning environments and keep classes more consistent. We feel it will be easier for dancers to progress with the same group of kids that are also at their same skill level. By building self confidence with dance skills and peer relationships with others in their 5 month session class, your child will become the performer they wish to be. With dance we also need to have a higher level of commitment, so that your child can get the most out of every class they attend. Our curriculum is setup so that within five months your child will learn a group of skills that will make them better, all around dancers and ready for the next level challenge.

Tuition is based on a 38 week dance season which is broken up into two sessions. Tuition will automatically be taken out on the 25th of the month for the following month. With our monthly billing, please know you are still required to commit to the full five month session. However, if you choose to pay for the full session at the beginning of that session, you may. Please keep in mind there are no credits or refunds. Sessions are continuous enrollment, which means you do not have to re-sign up for each session, you will automatically be enrolled for the next session. If you wish to withdrawal for the next session, a withdrawal form must be filled out by the 20th of the last month of your session in order to stop billing.

If you would like to start classes now give us a call at 269-429-5100.

Classes include:

Dance with Me (age 2) - 45 min.
Intro to Dance (ages 6+)- 1 hour
Level 1 Combo - (ages 3 - 4.5) - 55 min.
Level 2 Combo - (ages 4.5 - 6) - 55 min.
Level 3 Combo - 1 hour 15 min
Level 4 Combo - 1 hour 15 min
Level 5 Combo - 1 hour 30 min
Ballet  - 1 hour
Modern - (ages 8+) - 45 min.
Little Hoppers - (ages 5 - 7) - 45 min.
Hip Hop - (ages 5+) - 45 min.
Adult Classes (ages 18 & up) - 1 hour

Dance Class Rules

  • Hair pulled back out of face for all dance classes. 
  • Leotard and tights are required for all dance classes (except Hip Hop). Ballet tutus, skirts and shorts are allowed to be worn over leotards. 
  • No street shoes in Dance rooms. 
  • No food/drinks in Dance rooms. Water Only Please! 
  • No gum chewing.

Recital Information

The Dance Recital will be at an auditorium for our June 2020 recital. Each dance class will have a dance routine or two to perform in front of family and friends. More information coming soon!

Need Dance Attire?

We sell shoes and attire at Power in Motion for your convience. If you would liek to be sized for shoes talk to your child's dance instructor or give us a call. Check out our Pro-Shop for leotards, tights, skirts and more!

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Vist our dance schedule page.