September / October 2017

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The gym will be CLOSED on the following days:

Halloween - October 31st, 2017 (no evening classes- Enjoy Trick or Treating).

More info at closings


Welcome back!
To our families that have returned from summer break, we thank you for your support and are excited to have your family back in the gym for the school-year. To our new families, we are excited to have you here and look forward to getting to know you and your children. If you have questions or need help with anything, please feel free to email or visit the front desk. We are here to help you!

Attendance and Being on Time
Attendance in the sport of gymnastics is very important. With multiple events, skills, and foundation being key, you will see the most progress in your child(ren) if they attend every class. Please remember if you are going to be absent, call us ahead of time to schedule a make-up so they do not miss out on that key instruction for the week.

Being on time is also key in gymnastics as the start of the class is when the warm up and stretching occur. This is not only important for warming up the muscles and becoming more flexible, but it also helps to prevent injury. If your child misses this part of the class, they will not be getting the most out of this time as they could.

Stay Connected
We do all we can to provide the information you need, here is how you can help! Make sure your email information is correct on your Jackrabbit Account for e-mail distributions. Our bi-monthly newsletter, reminders, and account notices all go through the e-mail that you have on file with us. Please “Like” our Power in Motion Gymnastics and Dance Facebook Page and check out! We want you to be connected and stay informed.

Starting September 18th, we will be continuing our student achievement sheets with evaluation weeks. After achieving a skill, students will get to put a sticker on their sheet. For four weeks, we will be evaluating your student to see where they are at with their skills. Ribbon Skills are core skills that are essential to gymnastics. Once your child achieves one of these skills, they will receive a ribbon for it. Their first names will also be mentioned in our next newsletter!

Our Beginner 1 and 2 Boys evaluations have a new look! All boys will be receiving new evaluation sheets. We wanted to revamp the skills listed on the sheets for all six events. Our staff has copied over existing skills for our current gymnasts, so students will not have to redo any skills they already have. They will only have to re-stamp their skills on their sheets.

As a reminder, once your student masters most of the skills on their sheet and a director approves, they will be eligible to move up to the next level. This move up process may take a few months or it may take a year, depending on your child and their attendance in the class.

During evaluations we do ask that your child is present and on time so the process moves smoothly for both the child and the class. We look forward to celebrating your students progress with them and you!

Friday Night Open Gym
8 pm-9 pm starts for ages 10 and up (Starts September 22nd)

Saturday Open Gym 12:30pm-1:30pm for ages 10 and under

See website for more info!

Costume Week

Monday October 23rd - Saturday October 29th
Students have the option to dress up for Halloween in a costume of their choice. For their safety please make sure they can move and still do gymnastics in the costume. Have your child wear a leotard underneath their costume so they can remove parts if needed for class. We look forward to seeing your children in their costumes!

Makeup Policy:
With classes filling back up for the school year, we would like you to review the make-up policy.  Please contact the office immediately to inform them of your child not attending.
• Make-ups are allowed when the requested class size permits.

• You must pre-register for make-up classes through the office by calling ahead of time, prior to your class taking place, to let us know you will be absent.

• Make-up classes must be completed within one month of the absence.

• We do not reschedule or offer make-ups for missed make-up classes.

preschool news


With classes filling back up in the fall, we do ask that you get here on time and have your child use the restroom prior to class. This will help keep the flow of the class, minimize disruptions, and will allow your child to get the most out of their class time.

Our Tiny Tots program’s focal points are on listening, following directions, sharing, and being in a classroom without a parent all while learning the fundamentals of gymnastics. With these focal points, we would like to continue to have your child learn and grow through the play that occurs in the Tiny Tots classes. We will not be doing evaluations any further in this program since the focus is not on mastering the skills of gymnastics. These evaluations will begin in the Big Shots level.

Our Big Shots classes will be starting their fall evaluations soon. We do evaluations to see what the kids know in order for instructors to target their lessons towards what the kids can do and what they need to learn. We are excited to move through this process with your children and look forward to seeing them grow. All evaluations do get put into the parent portal, so you can see their progress there as well.

Just a reminder about our monthly tuition policies. Our program is year-round and features monthly continuous enrollment. Your child is guaranteed a spot as long as your fees are up to date.

The only way to become un-enrolled from our program is to fill out a Withdrawal form. This form is required and must be received by the 20th of the month for the following month.

Unless we receive proper notice, you will be responsible for the next month’s billing tuition and fees. Power in Motion Gymnastics does not issue refunds.

dance studio


In our preschool dance classes you may notice more theme oriented classes. I believe the students respond better to themes and are more excited about class and learning new skills when we are exploring a certain theme throughout the class period. For example, classes might have themes such as, Circus, Under the Sea, Down on the Farm, and more. These themes will switch about every two weeks, so students can really explore and have fun with the theme as they will have at least two class periods with one theme.

Dance Evaluations:
Starting in a few weeks the dance instructors have been evaluating all students and filling in their evaluation sheets. Evaluation sheets are a way for us instructors at Power In Motion to track your student's progress. It has been awesome to see how all the dancers have been progressing. If you would like to know how your child is doing in class and what skills they have achieved, feel free to ask the instructors to see their evaluation sheets. We would love to show you and answer any questions you may have.

We are adding two new combo classes on Thursday evenings.
Combo II @ 5pm
Combo III @ 6pm   

Check out all our dance classes available online at!

If you are looking for an easy Birthday Party for your child, see what we have to offer! Stop by the front desk and pick up a Birthday Party Info Sheet! Birthday parties book out 2-3 months in advance, so get PIM on your schedule for 2017-2018! Visit our birthday party page for more information.


This season is about to kickoff! We are excited for our 12th girls and 2nd boys competitive seasons. Visit our website to view the meet schedule and to see results. The season starts off November 17-19th in Kalamazoo for our levels 3-5 and December 1st-3rd in Grand Rapids for ALL levels.

How can you help?? Our team fundraisers are kicking off this month! See a team member/parent, the team bulletin board, or the front desk if you want to help support our team!

Team Fundraisers:
September 7th-21st- Plum Leotard Sale
Saturday, September 30th - Fall Pop Can Drive
September 25th- October 9th - Butter Braids
Monday September 25th - Culver’s Night
Thursday, October 5th - Silver Beach Pizza Night

For your child’s safety, please remove all bracelets and necklaces prior to practice. Stud earrings are allowed, no hoops or dangles please. Also, please make sure that your child’s hair is pulled securely away from their face..
Please login to the parent portal to update any information including your address, e-mail, phone, billing info, and much more. Your child’s skills will also be uploaded to the parent portal. To get to the parent portal, go to and click on Parent Portal in the upper left hand corner.
Reminder! When missing a class, please call the office ahead of time. By doing this you will be offered a make-up class for the class missed. We offer one make-up per month. Thank you!

Please join us on for more information or call us at (269) 429-5100 or email us at

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