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The gym will be CLOSED on the following days:

End of Summer /
Labor Day - August 27 -
September 4th

More info at pimgymnastics.com/ closings


Our recreational kids will continue to work on their skill development throughout this summer and will work hard to get more stickers on their evaluation sheets. If you have questions about your child’s progress, please talk to their instructors before or after class. We are more than willing to show you their Skill Achievement Sheet and discuss it with you and your child.

We are offering lots of summer camps this year and would love to see your child there! To view the list of camps and to register, please visit www.pimgymnastics.com/summercamps

Recital Thanks
Thank you once again for your participation in the recital. We will be sending out a quick 5-item survey regarding the recital if you would like to provide feedback to us. Thank you in advance for helping us out to make the recital experience better!

Summer Open Gym:
During the summer, Power in Motion offers open gym on Saturday’s only. Saturday open gym is from 12:30pm-1:30pm and is $8.00 for non-members and $5.00 for members. All ages are welcome. Our Friday night open gym will resume in the fall. Hope to see you there!

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Makeup Policy:
Make-up classes are allowed and we are flexible during the summer months with getting those scheduled.  Please contact the office immediately to inform them of your child not attending.
• Make-ups are allowed when the requested class size permits.
• You must pre-register for make-up classes through the office.
• Make-up classes must be completed within one month of the absence.
• We do not reschedule or offer make-ups for missed make-up classes.

preschool news


Our preschoolers will continue to work hard on their skill development throughout the summer months. Don’t forget to check out our bulletin boards for more information on the lesson plan themes and any additional news we have for you.

We are offering lots of summer camp this year and would love to see your child there! To view the list of camps and to register, please visit www.pimgymnastics.com/summercamps

Discipline Policy:
We as staff at Power in Motion Gymnastics and Dance number one job is to keep our students safe while learning gymnastic skills. We feel in necessary to review our discipline policy with our parents so we are all on the same page.

Step 1: This is where we will issue a verbal warning by getting down to their level and looking them in the eyes and asking them to stop the behavior.
Step 2: If the verbal warning did not work, we then move to a time out. Again on their level letting them know the behavior that put them in time out. When the 3 minute time out is up we will discuss the reason they were put there.
Step 3: If the behavior still continues the child will be made aware that they have lost their sticker and ending activity.
Step 4: The last step would be to remove the child from class to sit with their parent.

If you have any questions regarding our policy please do not hesitate to ask.

Restroom Policy for Preschoolers:  
Here at Power in Motion Gymnastics and Dance, we like to maximize the time we have with our child inside the classroom. If you are planning to run an errand or to be outside of the preschool area, if you could help us out by having your child use the restroom before class, that would be helpful. We want your child to get as much time working on skills and having fun inside the classroom. Our instructors can direct your child, but CANNOT assist them in the restroom. Thank you for your help and support in this matter.

Preschool Gymnastics Benefits- Part 3
The major physical benefits include flexibility and strength, coordination, and fine and gross motor skills use. The flexibility your child develops while stretching and going through the circuits helps to prevent injuries in and out of the gym. This flexibility will help when it comes to physical activities at school like gym class and recess. Weight bearing exercises like the rope climb and bars help with building strength, especially in the upper-body. This will help when we begin doing harder skills like handstand that require strong arms and shoulders. Coordination includes hand-eye as well as body coordination. Crawling, throwing, balancing, catching, squeezing, rolling and bouncing all help increase the fine and gross motor skill use that students will use in school as well.

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Just a reminder about our monthly tuition policies. Our program is year-round and features monthly continuous enrollment. Your child is guaranteed a spot as long as your fees are up to date.

The only way to become un-enrolled from our program is to fill out a Withdrawal form. This form is required and must be received by the 20th of the month for the following month.

Unless we receive proper notice, you will be responsible for the next month’s billing tuition and fees. Power in Motion Gymnastics does not issue refunds.

dance studio


Dance classes continue for the summer! Check out all dance classes at pimgymnastic.com.

As you may have notice, Miss Sydney has been evaluating all students and filling in their evaluation sheets. Evaluation sheets are a way for us instructors at Power In Motion to track the student’s progress. It has been awesome to see how all the dancers have been progressing. If you would like to know how your child is doing in class and what skills they have achieved, feel free to ask the instructors to see their evaluation sheets. We would love to show you and answer any questions you may have.

Don’t forget to check out our various Dance Camps this summer!

Princess Dance Camp (Ages 3 to 5)
Your princesses will have daily ballet and tap classes as we explore a different princess each day. They will also learn dances to their favorite princess songs, enjoy arts and craft. This camp is great for students who want to learn the basics of dance. Every child will receive a summer camp t-shirt.
When: July 24 - 28
Time: 9 - 10:30am
Cost: $100
Dance Camp (Ages 6-7 and 8+)
This camp is for dancers in the beginner level or higher wanting to continue dance technique and explore new styles of dance. Throughout the week dancers will have classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, musical theater and hip hop. Games and a daily craft are included. Every child will receive a summer camp t-shirt.
When: Ages 6-7   July 31 - Aug. 4
Ages 8+    August 7 - 11
Time: 9 - 11am
Cost: $125

Sign up today online at www.pimgymnastics.com/summercamps!

If you are looking for an easy Birthday Party for your child, see what we have to offer! Stop by the front desk and pick up a Birthday Party Info Sheet! Birthday parties book out 2-3 months in advance, so get PIM on your schedule for 2017! Visit our birthday party page for more information.


Our summer schedule began on Monday, June 12th.  All of our athletes have increased their hours over the summer.  With the increased hours and temperature, please make sure that your athlete remains well-rested and hydrated, even during non-practice hours.  Our region 5 gymnastics nutritionist recommends drinking ½ of your current body weight in ounces of water per day.  She also recommends an additional 4 oz of water for every 15 minutes of exercise.  

For example, a 100 lb athlete, who trains 4.5 hours would need:
Half of 100 = 50 oz
Plus 16 oz per hour  x 4.5 hours = 72 oz
Total:  50 + 72 = 122 oz

Hydrated and rested bodies recover quicker, have less chance of injury, adapt more easily to new training methods, and generally perform better.  Most of our athletes are probably not drinking enough water.  Let’s make it a goal this summer to meet the above requirement!

With that said, we recommend your athlete brings water and a snack to practice every day. A healthy snack that is easy to grab and to eat a few bites throughout practice is preferred. Fruit is a great choice as a quick way to re-energize during practice.

The girls will be running outside again this summer as part of our warm-up on Mondays and Fridays. Therefore, please remind your athlete to wear running shoes to practice every Monday and Friday morning. We have a few different cardio workouts that will happen first thing in the morning.  So, help us have an effective start to our practice by getting your child to the gym on time.

We are working on putting together a few different fun activities to take place during normal training hours over the course of the summer. These activities will not disrupt normal training but will add an element of fun to our hard work. Please check your email often so you stay in the loop about these activities and any other important information that we need to relay to you. Email is our main method of communication. We’re looking forward to a great summer of training!

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It’s that time of year again where we are looking at the growth of your child in the sport of gymnastics. We continuously are monitoring their strengths and new skills throughout the year, but this is a time to reflect on the skills they have gained and retained as a part of their gymnastics experience.

dance studio


Power in Motion is excited to offer a Fun Half-Day Camp for ages 3-5 and 6-12 this summer! Fun Camp will consist of crafts, reading activities, games, daily snack, themes, and of course open play time in the gym. It will start at 8:30am and will run until 12:00pm. The camp will run Monday-Friday starting June 12th and continuing for each week of the summer. You can sign up for days, a full week, or more than one week. Please register online or visit the front desk for more information! We look forward to spending our summer with your family!

We also offer weekly gymnastics camps that run from 9am-11am. Most camps will include a craft as well. The cost of camps differ- see the schedule below for prices. The cost of camp includes a t-shirt as well. Camp options are listed below:

To view camp descriptions and to pre-register, visit our website at pimgymnastics.com/summercamps and click on the register button next to the camp. We hope to see you there!

For your child’s safety, please remove all bracelets and necklaces prior to practice. Stud earrings are allowed, no hoops or dangles please. Also, please make sure that your child’s hair is pulled securely away from their face..
Please login to the parent portal to update any information including your address, e-mail, phone, billing info, and much more. Your child’s skills will also be uploaded to the parent portal. To get to the parent portal, go to www.pimgymnastics.com and click on Parent Portal in the upper left hand corner.
Reminder! When missing a class, please call the office ahead of time. By doing this you will be offered a make-up class for the class missed. We offer one make-up per month. Thank you!

Please join us on www.pimgymnastics.com for more information or call us at (269) 429-5100 or email us at info@pimgymnastics.com.

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