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The gym CLOSED on the following days:

Holiday Break:
December 21st - January 3rd

Spring Break:
April 3rd - April 9th


What is my child working on?
Have you ever wondered, what exactly is my child working on? Great question! There are many things that are taken into factor when the lesson plan is created for each class, each week. As evaluations have been introduced, you have noticed that there is a set of skills that are required for each level for a child to progress to the next level. These skills are put into lesson plans in a unique way. As we create the lessons we make sure to hit every skill on their evaluation sheet once a month- ensuring students will learn the skill and work towards mastery of it through many different ways.

Just like learning in school, there are skills that are foundational to learning and different teaching techniques. When learning a new skill, we like to use the Teach, Show, and Do method. We verbally teach the parts of the skills by breaking it down. Next, we demonstrate the skill, usually having kids show the skill as they really enjoy being the volunteer. Following that we let the kids try that skill on their own. Using this method we hope that the child will remember the skill break down either verbally, kinesthetically, and/or visually.

Most importantly to learn a child must have fun! Sometimes mixing things up each week and how a skill is taught makes it new and exciting. One week you may look out and see that students are doing group work and all working together, maybe having little competitions amongst one another. You may look out and see that there are stations and a child has the opportunity to work independently, this helps so that each child can work at their level. So while the station may be set for a skill we can break it down to a more simple form or we can challenge the child if they find that it is too “easy”.

Next time your child gets out of gymnastics, talk with them about how they learned today? Stations, Groups, Partners? Ask if they volunteered to show a skill? See if they can remember the skills they practiced today and what they thought they got better at? Being a team, both parents and instructors, encouraging your child will help them prosper and progress in their gymnastics career and in life.


There will be NO open gym on Friday, December 16th. 

New Open Gym Prices Effective 1/6/17

$5.00 for Members 
$8.00 for Non-Members


Thank you to everyone who completed the recital and the classroom feedback survey. We appreciate your feedback! If you did not get a chance to fill it out, please re-visit your email to take the surveys!

Please login to the parent portal to update any information including your address,
e-mail, phone, billing info, and much more. Your child’s skills will also be uploaded to the parent portal. To get to the parent portal, go to and click on Parent Portal in the upper left hand corner.

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Stepping Stones in our Preschool program
Below you will see how our preschool classes are designed to help every child learn, grow, and become prepared for the next level class. 

Parent Tot (Age 18 months - 3 years): In the Parent Tot class students focus on learning colors, numbers, jumping, climbing, building, and balance. Students complete two rotations with their parents, learning the very basics of gymnastics. Our Parent Tot class prepares students for the next level by introducing them to the teachers, the classroom, the equipment, and builds up their confidence to tackle Tiny Tots on their own.

Tiny Tots- (Age 3 - 4 ½): In Tiny Tots, students explore three different rotations developing balance, jumping and climbing. Students are working on being independent in this class by doing things on their own and learning how to listen in a group setting with other children. They work on following directions, learning how to take turns, and how to work with children their own age in sharing and team work.

Big Shots (Age 4 ½ - 6): In Big Shots, students transition into a new classroom where there is different equipment that helps to prepare them for the classes in the big gym. They will experience more difficult stations and explore two rotations. As they mature in their independence and learning, our expectations are set a little higher for them. We keep it fun and exciting, but want to ensure a smooth transition from the Big Shots to our recreational program.

In the Preschool program at Power in Motion, we’re learning about determination and how we don’t give up. We are learning how to balance by ourselves, why it’s important to use our strength and why we do stretches. We teach the importance of what we do in gymnastics, when we do it, where we do it, & why we do it. Everyone learns talents and skills one step at a time, the steps we take in our preschool program are steps they will have for the rest of their life. No matter what sport or avenue they take on. Cherish every step your child takes.

If you are looking for an easy Birthday Party for your child, see what we have to offer! Stop by the front desk and pick up a Birthday Party Info Sheet! We are booked up through the end of the year, so get PIM on your schedule for 2017! Visit our birthday party page for more information.

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Dance or Gymnastics…WHY NOT BOTH!
Gymnasts can benefit from dance classes, like Ballet, as dancers focus on poise, correct body alignment, toe point, extension of legs, balance, flexibility, arm placement and presentation. As Ballet is the standard class for gymnasts there are also a number of other disciplines, such as, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical and even Hip Hop that benefit a gymnast with their gymnastics training. Dance classes help the gymnast become more aware of their body alignment and use of their legs, feet and arms when performing difficult skills on any apparatus in gymnastics. Gymnasts perform floor and beam routines and they are very much like a small dance. There are many dance elements in each routine such as, leaps, turns, high kicks, arms movements and small dance parts. Taking a dance class would not only improve the dance skills that a gymnast has to execute on the beam and floor but also help them become a more fluid and graceful gymnast.

Sign up for a Dance Class today, click here!

Current Dance Class Availability:

Ages 3 - 4½
Combo I - (Ballet & Tap)
Monday @ 5pm, Tuesday @ 10am, Wednesday @ 5pm, Saturday @ 12:05pm

Ages 4½ - 5
Combo II – (Ballet & Tap & Jazz)
Monday @ 6pm, Wednesday @ 4pm , Saturday @ 11:05pm

Ages 6 & up
Beginner Ballet
Monday @ 7pm, Tuesday @ 5:05pm

Beginner Tap
Tuesday @ 6:10pm

Beginner Hip Hop
Tuesday @ 6:45pm

Beginner Jazz
Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Junior classes – Need evaluation from teacher before sign up.


With Michigan winter’s being unpredictable, we occasionally, for the safety of our students and staff, must close for business due to inclement weather. 

There are FOUR WAYS to find out if we are closed. 

  1. Our answering machine will have a closing message after 8AM.
    Our phone number is 269-429-5100
  2. Listen to the Southwest Michigan Radio Stations
  3. Look at our FACEBOOK Page- Power in Motion Gymnastics and Fitness
  4. Check out the top of our home page at

Please note: While we may decide to remain open, you may decide that from where you live your drive is too hazardous. Please do not drive to the gym if you feel it is unsafe! Please call us and we will set up a make-up for you.

Thank you to everyone who completed the recital and the classroom feedback survey. We appreciate your feedback! If you did not get a chance to fill it out, please re-visit your email to take the surveys!
This year we will be hosting our first annual Spring Recital for all Recreational, Tiny Tots and Big Shots, and Dance classes. This event will take place here at the gym and will be happening the weekend of May 20th. Stay tuned for more information!
Reminder! When missing a class, please call the office ahead of time. By doing this you will be offered a make-up class for the class missed. We offer one make-up per month. Thank you!

Please join us on for more information or call us at (269) 429-5100 or email us at

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